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Our Beijing silk carpet shop is the only store directly run by our factory. We manufactured high quality hand-knotted genuine silk rugs from 1980s. During the last 30 years we constantly improved the workmanship and quality to win the great reputation. Our Persian design silk carpets are for the high-end market in Europe, North America and Middle East. Comply with the tradition and stick to belief we never used the rubbish material such as rayon, cotton and hooked knots workmanship to cheat our customers. Our silk rugs are made with real double knots workmanship and the piles are very dense and strongly knotted on every warp. Our silk rugs are durable and always in good shape. The piles will not fade colors and drop hair. We are from the first hand and our price is very reasonable. We are responsible for the quality we promised. If you purchase our rugs you can go to any rug expert to appraise.
Except for exporting to carpet dealers and trading companies we also opened a store in Beijing to sell our products to end users directly. If you are not able to visit us in person to select the silk rugs you can also order on line. The high definition pictures of our silk rugs in stock were taken under the natural light with detailed information. So it is easy to select the designs and understand the quality. For shipping we use DHL or EMS, which works fast and safely. We can save almost 45-50% shipping fee for our customers. If you have interest and any have question about our silk rugs please feel free to contact us at any time. We will give you a response quickly.

我方除了批量出口外销还在北京设有直营店以满足国内个人终端客户.如果不方便前来选购,您可以在线订购.存货的毯子都有高清晰的照片并附有详实信息,所以非常方便理解毯子的图案和品质. 我方可为客户办理安全可靠的快递运输,比如DHL或EMS.能为您节省40%-50%的运费.如有任何问题请联系我们,我们将及时给予回复.
Beijing Silk Carpet Shop 北京真丝地毯商店

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